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I have spent my life recording and producing the music of New Mexico musicians and songwriters. So many of the friends I have made are not famous for their music, but feel fortunate as I do that we have been chasing our dreams in the Land Of Enchantment. The pursuit of a dream can be quite a roller coaster ride, and the high point is best captured when you make music with your friends! John Wagner.
Enjoy a “New Mexico Sound” experience at its best, with music capturing the heart of the Southwestern United States. Enjoy original music selections as well as old favorites. Discover enchantment through latin, jazz, country, blues, and rock music collections all created and performed by New Mexico recording artists. We are proud to feature John Wagner and his group, New Mexico-The Sound of Enchantment, the great artistry of Mose McCormack, and many other talented New Mexico musicians. Browse our music or listen to the demos. You can buy complete CDs or just individual mp3 downloads.

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