Merle Travis Story and John Wagner Recording Studios, Inc.

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I was recording the Merle Travis Story for CMH about 1988 and was using some members of the Texas Playboys as musicians. I remember Herb Remington, Johnny Gimble, Buddy Harman or D.J Fontana- drummer, a Nashville piano man and Trumpet from the Texas Playboys. I may have the players scrambled a little but don’t have an LP handy to read from. We were cutting songs on 24 Trk and after a long day we got a good cut on one of the tunes and Merle needed to punch in a guitar fix. Being tired and overwhelmed I did the punch with out taking all the tracks out of record. COMPLETE SILENCE:-( I told them what I did and it was very quiet for a few minutes. We had no choice but to do it again, and guess what? They did a much better take:-) So it was an embarrassment that worked out just fine:-) My mind is not so sharp on the exact details but is was exhilarating working with a bunch of legends.MERLE TRAVIS AUTOGRAPH ON GUITAR GIANTS (2)