Blue Book of Freedom
  • The Blue Book Of Freedom - R. J. Rummel- Blue Book of Freedom
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The Blue Book of Freedom- Narration by John Wagner

Professor Rummel passed away on March 2, 2014. His “Powerkills” website will be maintained by the University of Hawaii Political Science Department. Please contact with any questions or comments.

Before his death, the late R.J. Rummel was a Professor Emeritus of Political Science. He had published twenty-four nonfiction books (one that received an award for being among the most referenced), six novels, and about 100 peer-reviewed professional articles; had received the Susan Strange Award of the International Studies Association in 1999 for having intellectually most challenged the field; and in 2003 was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Conflict Processes Section, American Political Science Association. He had been frequently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Power Kills sums up Rummel’s research on violence and reaffirms and extends his earlier work. In theory and fact, democracies do not (or virtually never) make war on each other; the more democratic two regimes, the less likely violence between them; the more democratic a regime, the less its overall foreign violence; and the more democratic a regime, the less its genocide and mass murder (which in this century has killed about four times the battle dead of all its foreign and domestic wars).
With the growing international interest and work on human security, in his latest works Rummel had documented and shown empirically that the power of freedom to improve human affairs extends as well to social and economic development, Not only is democratic freedom a method of nonviolence, it also is a means to wealth and prosperity. He showed, for example, that democracies never have a famine. He also went beyond establishing these utilitarian benefits and showed that freedom is the basic right that people have aside from however it improves their lives. His published results of his research are exclusively on

R.J. Rummel Blue Book Of Freedom

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview

Chapter 2 The Rights Of All People

Chapter 3. The Justness Of Freedom

Chapter 4 the institutions of democracy

Example 4.1. Clinton’s Impeachment

Example 4.2. The American Presidential Election of 2000

Chapter 5. Freedom’s Moral Goods: Wealth and Prosperity

Example 5.1. Bill Gates and Microsoft

Example 5.2. Lenin’s Command Economy

Example 5.3. Stalin’s Command Economy

Example 5.4. Moa Tse-tung’s Command Economy

Example 5.5. The Economic Miracles of Japan, Germany, And Others

Chapter 6. Freedom’s Moral Goods: No Famine Ever

Example 6.1. The American Great Dust Bowl

Example 6.2. The Irish Famine

Example 6.3. Mao’s Greatest Famine Ever

Chapter 7. Freedom’s Moral Goods: Minimizing Political Violence

Example 7.1. Lenin’s Red Terror And Peasant War

Chapter 8. On Freedom’s Moral Goods: Eliminating Democide

Example 8.1. Rwanda’s Great Genocide

Example 8.2. Stalin’s Great Terror

Example 8.3. Mao’s Cultural Revolution

Chapter 9. On Freedom’s Moral Goods: Eliminating War

Example 9.1. Wars 1816 To 2005 And Incidents Of Violence

Chapter 10. Conclusion


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