Why I love America

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Why I love America and it’s protection to pursue our dream.  If I was writing a book this would be in the opening.  But the books that wouldn’t sell would have to stored in my garage.   FB posts will last longer and save money:-)

In the late 50’s my dreams turned to guitars, songs and the music business. I would eat, sleep and live my dreams of music without hesitation or doubt. I was sure that my dreams of big music success would happen quickly and without pain!  WELLLLLLLLLL….

50 years later I have literally produced thousands of songs and artists looking for that magic moment.  I have learned a craft and become a responsible wage earning citizen that is not a victim asking for a handout.  I learned a  business and a craft that sustained me and let me live to pursue my dream that didn’t happen.  But the treasures I have gained along the way are priceless and I have no regrets:-)

It has not at all been easy, but life can build strength and character.  It can also encourage so many to become victims.  I have chosen to never be a victim of the troubles on my mind:-)

I recorded so many projects that I was sure could sell and enrich all those involved.  Sometimes I feel like I have given away a million records and CD’s.  But it was never the way I pictured as I built a good life and many friends.

I did my best to express the music around me.

Riches can come in many ways and it takes living life to figure that out!

So today, I do music, political comment, photography and continue my dream:-)

And there are a lot of places on this Earth that my dreams couldn’t have progressed to where they are!

America is a mighty fine place to be!

I hope it continues to be the shining light of the world:-)